Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and Those Who Continue to Serve

There is some positive news is the data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that reveals the rate of violent and property crime in our country is at "historic lows." Without question, much of the success in combating and reducing crime in our communities is the result of the commitment and dedication of the more than 900,000 law enforcement professionals.

Sadly, these successes have not come without tremendous sacrifices. Each year there are approximately 60,000 assaults on our law enforcement personnel resulting in over 16,000 injuries. Each and every year for the past decade an average of 146 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. Throughout our history over 20,000 brave law enforcement officers have been killed.

MASTERS believes we not only have a responsibility, but the moral obligation, to honor and support these brave men and women for their service. Their efforts and sacrifices continue to make a difference for each of us and our families.

Preliminary 2018 Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities

        January 1 through April 1, 2018 vs. January 1 through April 1, 2017

                                                  2018                2017           % Change

        Total Fatalities                       34                      35                    - 3%

        Firearms Related                   20                      10                 +100%

        Traffic-Related                        9                      14                   -36%

        Other Causes                         5                      11                   -55%

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