On May 11, 2017, Troop A conducted their monthly Sergeant's Meeting. This meeting was a little more special because of their recognition of a very "Special Guest." Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Barney were guests at the meeting where Mr. Barney was given a much deserved Honorary Trooper's Certificate by Troop A's Commanding Officer Captain Scott A. Shipers. In addition to this recognition, Troop A MASTERS Directors Doug Mitchell and Fred M. Mills presented Mr. Barney with an Honorary MASTERS Membership. The awards will also be presented to Mrs. Sandra Straw who was unable to attend the meeting.

Certainly this story could have had a very different ending without the unselfish caring of these 2 individuals who risked their personal safety to assist Trooper Beau Ryun. This is the story surrounding this incident, the suspect's name has been blocked while the case is being adjudicated, but it clearly shows how deserving this recognition is and without question we are blessed that "There are Heroes Among Us"......

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, at approximately 1113 hours, Trooper Beau Ryun conducted a traffic stop on Interstate 70, near the 47-mile marker in Lafayette County, Missouri. Trooper Ryun approached the vehicle on the passenger side and identified the driver as XXX. After detecting the odor of marijuana, Trooper Ryun asked XXX to step from his vehicle and sit in his patrol car. As XXX walked to Trooper Ryun's patrol car, Trooper Ryun observed XXX reach into his waistline with his left hand. Trooper Ryun walked to the passenger side of his vehicle and instructed XXX to place his hands on his patrol car and conducted a frisk of his person. Trooper Ryun located a pair of scissors in XXX waistline.

When Trooper Ryun instructed XXX to place his hands on his patrol car, XXX took approximately two steps back. Trooper Ryun also noticed XXX was tense and believed XXX was about to fight or flee. Trooper Ryun attempted to detain XXX and he began resisting arrest. During the altercation, Trooper Ryun's handcuffs fell to the ground and were out of reach. Trooper Ryun was also unable to contact Troop A and advise them of the situation. Trooper Ryun noticed two subjects had stopped and were walking towards his location as he and XXX were on the ground fighting. The first pedestrian was later identified as Sandra Straw. The second pedestrian was later identified as Charles Barney. Mrs. Straw was on the phone with 911 reporting the incident and attempting to get more officers en route. Mrs. Straw laid on XXX legs in an attempt to control him and was kicked in the face in the process, suffering a minor injury. 

During the altercation, Trooper Ryun was unable to reach for any of his equipment. Trooper Ryun instructed Mr. Barney how to use his radio to advise Troop A of the situation. After Mr. Barney completed those tasks, he assisted Trooper Ryun in trying to arrest XXX, but they were unable to get XXX hands behind his back. Mr. Barney was able to hold one of XXX arms, which allowed Trooper Ryun to retrieve his OC spray. After utilizing OC spray, Trooper Ryun was able to secure XXX in handcuffs with the assistance of Mr. Barney, while Mrs. Straw was laying on XXX feet.

Mr. Barney and Mrs. Straw certainly went above and beyond what is expected of a citizen. They both put themselves in a dangerous situation along Interstate 70 because they saw Trooper Ryun was in an altercation with a subject. Their actions and quick thinking helped effect the arrest of XXX and reduced the chances of any serious injury to all involved.

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